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Choosing The Right Solar Company

There are a lot of companies that provide solar, but they aren’t all created equal. At Summit Energy, we have been doing solar right for 5+ years and our Master Electrician has over 30 years of electrical experience.

Our process is simple, non-invasive and there is no obligation. We encourage you to learn more about us and contact me to find out if Going Solar is right for you and your home.


Roofing Programs

A bad roof should not stop anyone from looking into solar. Often using our IN HOME Roofing Company PEAK we are able to include a re-roof into the solar deal. This can save you considerable money on the roof work and materials due to partnerships we have developed.


Flexible Options

We offer many install options to meet your needs. Roof or ground mount; flat, rubber, or high pitched roof and other complex requirements. One of our strengths is our ability to adapt to what our customer wants and needs.


Tree Removal

Many areas in Mass and NH have A LOT of trees. This is also an easily overcome obstacle. Our designers can advise on the optimal tree removal to maximize the production of your solar system. It all starts with a design to see if we can.


Roof Mounted

The classic and most widely used install option. Summit warranties the work on the roof for 30 years for leakage and damage.

The Summit Difference Is Options!


Ground Mounted

An excellent option for homes where the roof is just not positioned well, too shaded, or if homeowner just doesn't like the idea.


REC Panels

The quality of the solar panel used is a major factor in the system's production and the cost. Summit uses one of the best panels on the market.



Take control of your power supply and stop paying the monopoly. The path to ownership is simple but has many routes. Summit works with a multitude of lenders to find the best option for you.



A good option for homeowners looking to just lower their electricity cost. The company owns the system and you just buy the cheaper and cleaner power. Summit has both options available.

  • Invest in your home by not paying a big company

  • Own your power; stop renting

  • Never pay a price increase again

  • Save 50-100,000 dollars


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About Steven

As an energy consultant with Summit Energy, my main goal is to help as many people as possible to learn about the amazing benefits of going Solar. Summit is a local company committed to helping homeowners, families and business owners to take control of their electricity. NO more getting taken advantage of by the utility companies. Now is the best time to get connected to the Sun and save as much as possible!

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